Old Interviews and Album Reviews

Click here to check out my old interviews and music reviews  when I interned for Cliche Magazine: https://www.clichemag.com/author/mecca-amirah-jackson/  Bitter's Kiss Interview Manika's Interview Catey Shaw's Interview Artists to Follow on IG Jesper Jenset Interview Blonde Roses Interview Cozy Tapes Vol. 1 – A$AP Mob– Album Review Nikki's Wives Interview  Atrocity Exhibition– Danny Brown– Album Review [...]

4 Reasons Why Having A Dog Can Cure Only-Child Syndrome

I wrote this article for an internship that never responded back 😦 Enjoy! 😀 (I added my dog's pics later–they probably would have helped haha!) “4 Reasons Why Having A Dog Can Cure Only-Child Syndrome” By, Mecca-Amirah Jackson Dog’s are globally recognized as “man’s best friend”, but to an only-child who did not grow up with [...]