4 Reasons Why Having A Dog Can Cure Only-Child Syndrome

I wrote this article for an internship that never responded back 😦

Enjoy! 😀 (I added my dog’s pics later–they probably would have helped haha!)

“4 Reasons Why Having A Dog Can Cure Only-Child Syndrome”


Mecca-Amirah Jackson

thumbnail_IMG_8277Dog’s are globally recognized as “man’s best friend”, but to an only-child who did not grow up with children his or her own age, a dog can not only offer companionship but help shed only-child tendencies. Only children are labeled spoiled and lacking communication skills, but with the help with an adorable and loyal furry friend, an only child can learn to exceed expectations and develop skills that can benefit them in their daily lives.

1. Responsibility
Nothing screams responsible like having to literally take care of another being. Bringing home a puppy is a full-time job–so this will be a big but necessary step for an only child who until this point, has had only needed to take care of themselves

2. Develop Good Character

IMG_8659Unlike children with siblings, only children are used to being alone, which allows them to become more self-sufficient and independent. But what only children do have difficult time learning is how to not be selfish and self-centered. By having a furry friend who needs constant attention and love, this will help any only child learn how to put their puppies’ needs before their own.

3. Best Furry Friend Forever “BFFF”

The old saying, “A dog is a man’s best friend”, will become the golden rule when an only child befriends their new pup. Only children have a tendency to become more mature than his or her peers, due to that, this can cause the child to be lonely and socially awkward. But by brining home a new pup, this will allow an only child to thrive with its new companion as they constantly play and interact.
IMG_87384. They Grow Up with You

It is heartwarming to watch your dog grow up with you and for an only child; he or she will be able to watch this first hand. From the wiggly little pup that used to chew your slippers to a large, furry dog who still likes to eat your slippers, an only child will view their dog as more than just a pet–but as its brother or sister.



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