Everything you’ve prayed for

Everything you’ve prayed for takes times✨

Life is not singular—there is not one right path; there will be pitfalls

and obstacles but don’t falter—charge on! 

At times, we’ve been led astray and been victims of vice and temptation. But instead of being angry—at the world and yourself—reflect, and remember that every choice, every decision, is a lesson.

God does not give us more than we can handle.

Listen to your gut and pray—everything you’ve wished for will appear.

Hard work and dedication yield the results you desire.

2 thoughts on “Everything you’ve prayed for

  1. Yes! At times, when we will feel like the world is against us, we feel alone. But during these times, we are the most human and can relate to those around us. I’ve been learning to be more open with my vulnerability with others. I feel less alone when I share my worries 🙂


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