This isn’t love (love does not take from you)

This isn’t love (love does not take  from you)-  9/15/2020 you say this is love, tears mingling with your pleas. skin pale, teeth rotting  from decay; how can you call this love when it drains you?  robs you of joy and leaves you with nothing but scraps to keep warm?   you deserve  a feast [...]

is this love (hibernation between the Sheets)

IS THIS LOVE (HIBERNATION BETWEEN THE SHEETS)- 8/21/2020 is this love? i asked him when he shut the blinds. the heat from the sun glaring through the windowpane, the back of my knees slick and wet, hands tensed like a trap, i waited. eternity ticked by as you undressed me with your eyes...lights dimmed, can [...]

Ascend is available

Ascend is available A book of hurting and healing, Mecca-Amirah returns with Ascend, the follow-up project to Weightless. Jackson continues her path to redemption as she explores topics like accountability and maturity. Ascend is a cathartic experience of facing your demons with visceral prose and unembellished poetry. Join Mecca-Amirah on her path to redemption...