AI vs. Authencity: Social Media Copywriting

The time of humans vs. robots has come! Will robots steal our jobs, or will they help improve our strategy? Can we work together to create a BETTER WORLD? We’ve all seen at least one movie based on this hypothesis, and of course, it ends in failure. In THEROY, AI sounds impressive, and when applied, it’s incredible how it works. But you can’t help but wonder if human beings will soon be obsolete. If we are striving to erase human error in business, where does that lead us? By design, human beings are imperfect. We’re literally a ticking time bomb of HUMAN error! But, of course, I’ll look at this through the lens of optimism and see how well I can use this technology to improve my skill.

AI – Grammarly

Without Grammarly, who would I be? Pre-Grammarly, I got through college and received my BA in English Literature with honors. Now, I do use it to assist with correcting my grammar mistakes for copywriting, and even now, as I write this blog! I feel like the risk levels of applications of Grammarly are minimal. Grammarly offers suggestions, and most of the time, my issues are comma placements (or lack of them). But I do see issues with us as a society forgetting the simple rules or grammar and relying too heavily on AI to fix our mistakes. 

AI- ChatGBT/ChatSonic

Below are screenshots of me asking ChatSonic: “Can you write a paragraph about the benefits of using ChatSonic for writing social media copy?

“Certainly! Using ChatSonic for writing social media copy has several benefits. Firstly, it saves time and effort by generating high-quality, original content in seconds. Secondly, ChatSonic’s advanced algorithms ensure that the content is optimized for social media platforms and meets the specific requirements of each platform. Additionally, ChatSonic can help writers overcome writer’s block and provide fresh ideas for content creation. Finally, ChatSonic’s streamlined interface makes it easy for writers to collaborate and share their work with others, improving overall productivity and efficiency. Overall, ChatSonic is an excellent tool for anyone looking to streamline their social media content creation process.” (ChatSonic)

Well, isn’t that nice of ChatSonic?!

Next, I was feeling spunky and asked it to write a Twitter post about the benefits of juicing:

Not gonna lie, the post is cute. The tone is cheerful and positive and does provide general information about the benefits of juicing. But what stands out to me is that it is very general. I’m sure I could have added more to the prompt to personalize the answer, but if I was in a bind and was unsure where to start, this would be helpful. And since I asked ChatSonic to write a Twitter post, the response is within the 280-character limit.

Overall thoughts

“Oh no, the robot stole my JOB?!” I’m not sure if this is an American thing, but we’re always terrified someone is going to take our jobs. I won’t go into politics – even though I want to – (I’m holding it in like Mr. Crocker – see below) and

But I think applications like GhatGBT cannot truly replicate the authenticity of humanity. Robots can copy, learn, and we can program these robots to mimic humans, but at the end of the day, they can’t replicate us to a T. The responses from ChatGBT are sourced from the internet. At times, the responses we get are going to be generic, and if everyone is submitting work that sounds the same, this type of technology we’ll become unpopular. Let’s say I’m a social media manager using ChatSonic for my social posts – what if my competitor is doing the same? What if our content comes out the same?

I think we should focus less on the WHAT-IFS and MAYBE’s and focus on the NOW. What are your thoughts?

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