Social Media – Goals

Goals are always important to establish when starting a new venture! Or, if you are like me and have high-functioning anxiety, creating new goals and staying constantly productive is a way to distract yourself from the chaos that is life (okay, let’s divert from this train of thought).

Where do you see your social media channel in a month? Two? A year?

  • Will there be a cadence to your posting?  For example: One thought leadership post, Two employee branding, a Case Study, PR announcements on Tuesdays? 
  • How often will you post? Daily? How many times a week? 3-5 seems to be the average for companies. What times? 

Social Media Goals

Here are a few goals to keep in mind–

  1. Consistent brand messaging – A person should be able to go across your social media channels and find the same content, TOV, message, etc. 
  2. A KPI or Metric-tied Goal– Consistent engagement growth, follower increase, brand awareness, leads, etc.
  3. An established brand – This is tied with brand awareness but highlighting what you want your company to be recognized as – ex: a premier consumer goods company, a thought leader in the industry, a high-preforming software company

What are your goals/ target per channel for followers?

Whether you are just starting your social media channel or have had one for a while, it’s important to keep track of your follower count and where you envision it in a month, year, etc. If you are planning to mostly release organic content, your goals may differ from someone using paid ads. 

It’s also to note that you want your goals to be realistic and achievable.

Yes, you will Gen-Zers do a funny dance on Tik Tok and go viral, but it’s not as easy as it seems (I’ve tried, lol) and not sustainable content. Social media marketing (especially for a business) requires strategy and forethought. So if you’re goal is to get 10, 100, or 1,000 followers in a month, review your resources and see what can be done to achieve that goal.

 Target per channel:

  • LinkedIn followers – X
  • YouTube subscribers – X
  • Instagram followers – X
  • Facebook followers – X
  • Twitter followers – X

What are you goals for your social media channel(s)?

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