World Poetry Day

Happy World Poetry Day!

Thank you poetry for giving me a voice.

Poetry has a special place in my heart because it gives a glimpse into someone’s heart and soul. And even the most harrowing or dark poems are starkly beautiful in their rawness.

When I think of poetry – I think of peeling back the layers and revealing the truth. I want to see the bone of a person. I want to hear the hollow whistle, the dry clapping on bones clashing– I want it all.

I started writing in middle school – it was a form of escape when the chaos inside of my head bled to the surface.

Writing gave me wings–made me feel special in a world where my thoughts and opinions were smothered.

Thank you, poetry, for never giving up on me.

Below – is one of my favorite poems. I Dreamed of me.

I Dreamed of me 

when i imagined you,
i made you taller, broader, louder. 

i made you with wings, 

with hair to your waist,

 breasts round and soft. 

i made you me. i made you greater.

 i lost faith in your ability to please me,
so instead i dreamed of me. 

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