Djinn Dreams

Her eyes are broken

but her smile is sublime.

Pieces of her heart

that were once whole

and pumping like brand-spanking new

are scattered across the earth

like the famous Dragon Balls.

But it will take more than

an alien race to fix the pieces,

it will take a prince–no

A King.

A King who commands many men,

a scattering story of scars

that bisect his skin

and a smile

that can have even the most

uptight, businesswoman

pause, mouth shaped like an O

as she places her important call on hold.

A King of Passion, Intelligence–

OH, he must know the mystery of She,

Aware of the tricks and turns

of her inner haunted house.

This King of such fine finesse

will put the pieces of her broken heart together–

But too bad,

He is part of her imagination,

a ghost of her subconscious

and a lingering djinn waiting for her third wish.

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