Night Bloomer

Leila felt particularly witchy

as she donned her favorite dress,

bodice tight, her abundance

of hair,

a myriad of colors,

curls loose and tight,

and her eyes coated in gold

and slashed with kohl.

Tonight is the night, she whispers to herself.

Head in the clouds

as she races to her destination,

her feet do not make a sound

as she skips to a cheerful tune,

Childlike and innocent

as airy as a helium balloon.

Memories assail her, of simpler times

as she passes a bird’s nest,

chicks slumbering under

the careful watch of mom:

As seasons change,
And the world becomes dumb,

Cold and bitter,
An endless night of cries and screams,
I lay in my bed and dream,
Blanket to my chin
And pajamas, a gift from Nana.

As my eyes close,
With a slight smile splayed across my face,
I travel to a world where rules are foreign,
And happiness is law.

Leila reaches her destination,

An open glade,

ghostly under the waning gibson moon,

the persistent wind a haunting tune.

Instead of fright,

Leila becomes alive,

A night bloom,

spreading her petals becomingly.

A girl in Fantasyland,

Who lusts for adventure,

Lost in a miasma of naivety and wickedness.

Hair unbound, catching on vines,

Feet bare, scratched and dirty,

Looking particularly witchy.

Such a wild child,

Passion shining bright

In her compelling eyes,

Drawing you in,

Teasing you with promises

And a sweet, sweet relentless death.

Tattered dress, unraveling at the seams,

Off kilter, slanted,

Revealing, hiding, teasing, compelling,

The smallest breeze,

A man’s benediction,

A whore’s envy.

Horses so wild, majestic with their long legged gait,

Her hair trailing behind,

Throwing their head back in sheer ecstasy,

Caressing her smooth flesh,

The moon revealing a hourglass silhouette

When did this untamed girl,

Foal wobbling on unsteady legs,

Become a woman?

Her smile, white teeth flashing,

Worldly and all knowing,

Know how to bring an army to their knees,

With a sway on her hips,

A flash of honey scented skin.

Fantasyland where opportunities become tangible,


Dissolve under the unrelenting sun.

Girl or woman,

Tease or vixen,

She has become.

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