Holding back

Break away from the aching familiar

and the chocking comfort of the genteel;

a pound of flesh–

thats hooked and jerked–

nibbling at the scum–and loving it!

Craving the fetid taste of phlegm

of pretentious propaganda.

Dense water,

laced with a greenish brown paste–

a latte, bubbling with obnoxious foam–

floating, lifeless bodies,

drifting like wrecked wood–

wandering the thick, opaque waters

aimlessly without perception–

“dead-tossed waves

dragging me under,

stealing my breathe

and my forsaken name…”

The surface…the surface

Contempt can blind,

but also steal the wavering

pole that sways and bows

beneath the voracious winds–

flirting with danger

and liking it.

Golden eyes; naturally sublime

with a blackened heart; Sharp words that smart…

Passionless voices,

drifting away, as petals do–

dancing in the controlled gust of wind

that never lets go…

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