Blonde Beauty

Curly blonde hair

that cannot hide the deep, dark

roots, that fight the pedestrian battle

of fighting peroxide and bleach–

to regrow, fertilize the healthy, natural browns

that were once rooted before–

fetid whispers and evil, malicious curses

weeded out the ancient beauty

of the freckles and thick hair and parmagiano

and made way for the pinup Americano snowbunny

with Irish pale skin and Hollywood tragedy bottled blonde–

(which came with the total package):

Denouncing the fresh mozz and homemade pasta from Nonna

for limpid salads with fat-free Italian dressing–

dark boys with shifty eyes and laced pockets

and partying with molly and mary jane,

grumbling stomach and three leafed shamrocks;

a history of renowned romance and full stomachs,

Erin pride and endless whisky–

are now put on the top shelf

with the stuffed animals and Barbies,

self-love, self-esteem

that began to deteriorate, brown with age and abuse

as soon as she died her hair.

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