Fading Dreams

Sometimes I dream of a beach
Where the sand is white
And the water is clear,
Fish are painted in the surf,
Seashells crunch beneath my bare feet
As the wind that carries brine and sand
Brush against my skin,
Rough and necessary
As it cleanses my soul and poures.
A destination not accessible by all-
A fragmented memory that will soon fade
As the lights flickers
And the crashing of the waves
Vibrating in my ear as I suddenly fade…”

Names forgotten

Accolades unheard–

a funeral with an empty casket

and attendances with yellowed teeth and dead eyes.

A free canary sings from a distance–

a song too pure for the ugliness that stains the room,

wallpaper curling and skin rotting

and a newly born calf cries as the sun fades away

its lights slipping away cowardly

as darkness once again reigns.

A dynasty with tainted blood

and fretful souls,

I crawl my way to the surface

as the air becomes sparse and expires

and purpose dwindles like fallen stars.

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