The Land of Sprawling Colors

Waters that flow with vibrant colors,

clouds painted like candies,

a fantastical world

with whimsical dreams and besotted girls

with hair the color of dragon fruit

and eyes like fallen stars.

Symbols of every shape and color

decorate their flesh–

bewitching as the orange sky

sweetens to a passionate tangerine–

copper skin glows and blue lips smile

as the feathers in their hair tickles.

Love is law and passion is practiced with a pope’s devotion

as fireflies fly low, red lights dangerously close

as bodies of myriad shades twine and gyrate

to the music of distant thunder.

Rain the shade of periwinkle nourishes the lithe bodies

of every shape and size,

teeth sanguine as they taste the heavens’ sublime.

A world of nows and forevers,

absent of trigger-happy weapons and deep, violent

hate that blinds and devotes to the dull blacks and whites,

and children that are shunned for loving the right way,

people that shed the heavy worries

and bare their nude bodies with an exhibitionist’s ease.

A wonderland open for all

and will fall beneath the heavy fist of the supercilious.

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