The Beginning

Flaxen hair with crushed
Ice blue eyes,
Like fallen snowflakes
She descends from Valhalla
With an inherent grace and speed.

A Scandinavian beauty
With a calm visage, like floating
Decaying glaciers-
She stood with a Viking’s honor
And Thor’s pride and arrogance-
A voyager who has lost her hurstwic
Wandering and drifting as she
Became lost in the currents.

She had soon traveled far and wide
Testing warmer waters and warmer tones,
Pulsing beats and knowing eyes.
Many gods watched her and laughed-
Turning a blind eye as she dipped
Into the Black Sea nude
And frivolous with a drunks visage.

By spring she budded and rounded-
A goddess in their minds
As she walked on lily pads
And weeds spurted from each step.
They reached to tough her feathery hair
And pale, pale, pale skin-
Muttering and hissing as the sky pinkens.

clouds crowded the sky and
Droughts sucked the life
Out of the emaciated, toothy faces.Pink skies
And broken dreams
That litter useless on the coast
Of Sierra Leone.
Dark bodies that cringe and fight
Foreign weapons fit perfectly
In small hands,
The sounds of death and war
Louder than the demands in their bellies
That feed and kill from within
Like a greedy parasite.

When the Earth shook and cracked-
A lovely girl emerged from the rubble-
A mix of the stubborn winds of the North
And the balmy squinty eyes of the South.
Skin like burnished gold
And eyes far away.

Her mother named her something lovely,
foreign and incompressible-
Exotic like a disease with no cure
But lingers on the tongue with a
Poignant aftertaste.

As her mother brandished and crowed
The natives grew restless and rash,
Dark clouds rumbling in the pink sky.
Exiled and bereft of comfort,
The Scandinavian woman
And the golden cherub
With soft skin and forward eyes
Fade away into the sunset,
Broken and scarred as a rage
That threatens ice and snow
Grows with each trembling step

as lightening strikes in the distance.

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