Coward’s Strife

pressure builds

and the cowards tremble

as the weight of their own sins stack

one by one.

time ticks slowly for the cowardice ones

with sneaky eyes and weak hearts.

well aquatinted with slammed doors

and absent hellos,

it’s the loners who shed their skins

as they wear mask after mask

to blend in the sea of blended passions.

the heavens only pity the snakes

as they forever grovel on their bellies,

slithering beneath the fatherly gaze–

they do pray for forgiveness as they ignore

the indomitable love, a love

that will never fade.

an endless sky, that stretches for miles,

fingers that dig and claw

only find ravaged, forgotten stars.

This is the set aspirations for cowards like Cain

who wander a lonely road,

flickered memories of warmth and smiles–

a blanket that begins to fray.

a coward’s strife

that singular and pitiful

as the smell of rot and hate

lingers in their absence.

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