The Promise of Bacchus

Murmur my name
Each time you take a sip,
Do not forget my story
As you refill your glass
And stumble along until your
Unchaperoned death…

I lost my way in the bottomless cups,
Singing a merry tune,
Whistling at the sharp tang,
bewitching as it beguiles
a daydreamer, enraptured by the faults of the ancients.

The whispers of dawn
Drown as I reminisce
And the gulls sweep and kill
With an inept grace.
Each sip, droplets of fresh rain,
Hushed moans, a rustling in the bushes,
Picked lavender, a comfort uninterrupted
As the waves grasp my sole,
Dragging me to the sea-foam floor,
Wet, slimy skin
Pressing puckered kisses,
Rough as coral and just as pretty-
Air bubbles tease and float away
As a kaleidoscope of colors
Bleed, blinding me as I smile.

I am the air that you breath
And the wine that you heave.
Dance under the moonlight,
Don’t you dare fright-
From your savior, me
You can never leave,
Because your are my wondrous slave
Addicted to my skin, until the end of your days…

Slanted, slumberous eyes seduce
and an elfin face with a wicked smile,
A body made for a selfish love
That lasts until the break of first light,
A man with the heart of a
Restless boy, a hand full of acorns
And a bottle of ambrosia
Half-full and sloshing.
He drugs you with his laugh,
Unearthed and unadulterated from
The strifes of man,
hair the shade of a welcomed death
Eyes lit from within-
Until the crescent of night-
Empty promises litter the night stand
Ransacked and ripped memorabilia
Join the discarded pile
As moans from behind the door
Becomes broken, theatrical tears.

A devilish laugh is all I remember
As rapture takes over
With a con artists ease.
Hands and hoofs touch
But never linger,
Bruises and bites go unnoticed
As I cry for Bacchus
Rewarded I sip until my head spins
And I heave,
All until I see the first trace of sun.
They scurry as I writhe,
Screaming his name:
More I want more,
Won’t you understand
I need to forget the yesterdays
And tomorrows!
The aching muscles of night
And the zesty oranges of morning!
I need my salvation, my poison of choice
As I burn, burn with regrets
And past mistakes!
Bacchus, Dionysus, lover!

Murmur my name
Each time you take a sip,
Do not forget my story
As you refill your glass
And stumble along until your
Unchaperoned death.
The more you doubt
The stronger I become-
Lose your way and find me
In the wildness of night,
Shed your skins and become wild-
And i promise you-

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