Feminine rage

painting-flower-brush-water-lilyFeminine rage, hear me roar
To all my sistahs of every decadent shade,
Mark my words as we create history;
Smooth skinned females with luscious hair,
Freckled ladies with sunny smiles,
Snow queens and drag queens, dykes and machas, take note as we break down barriers and watch the squeamish squirm.
We are queens of every palette, of many tongues, and every belief,
Mothers, lovers, friends, sisters, nieces,
Our love is infinite and universal,
A love that heals all wounds, poisons, and smogs,
A love that is unbiased and powerful,
Our love can cure all.
So my sistahs, take a stand, wear your heels high and bras loose,
Shave your hair or wear it long,
Take ink to your most lovely flesh,
Take as many lovers as you desire,
And gorge on earth’s fruits until your plump and full,
We are woman
we are blessed with the ability to create,
we deserve all the respect and love we deserve!

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