Before the Fall

Ultimately, before the fall,
We were all sinners-
Our greatest sin, curiosity
That lead us astray from Eden
And into the arms of unspeakable
And innumerable atrocities.

Did Lucifer smile when he fell,
Knowing we were doomed
As his wings were burnt from hellfire?
Did his revenge taste decadently sweet
As he became audience and
Sponsor to our further demise?

Do the Angels, that sing like wind chimes
And fly with flawlessly white wings
Ever doubt us?

Were the stories of messiahs and legends
Lies to keep humanity humane?
As the world flooded with mounting sins,
Did one great mind decide that
Humans needed a push in the right direction?

Questions bubble on my tongue,
The infamous sin, Curiosity
Minding my fluidity as I utter blasphemy,
The pleas of my ancestors
Drowned out by my outlandish wonder.

“Forgive me Father,
For I have sinned. Wash away my
Dark thoughts and replace them with light.
My curiosity was sparked
Just as yellow rays brushed my face.
The sky mirrored my mood,
Stormy clouds in abundance as I mused.
Pushing back my hair,
I found clarity within the eye of the storm.

Fevered with curiosity, I sought others like me,
Wandering in a daze, late to their scheduled epiphanies-
Desperate for purpose-so close to Hell’s gates.
I marveled at the wondrous wonders
And pleaded for more inspiration to fill my curiosity.
Faced downward in my embellished casket,
Lips puckered as I taste metal and sulfur–

Will I ever receive an answer?

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