An Apple made of glass

tumblr_nkfsyqNmbn1tbk1yko3_500She bit into an Apple made of glass,
The fragments slicing her tongue,
Her blood enhancing the poignant flavors
As she chewed and crunched with cautious vigor.
Shards dug into the walls of her mouth,
A river of blood seeping past her lips,
Her teeth grinding the glass into fractures,
The pieces sparkling- sifting through the
Frayed flesh and globs of fresh blood.

Past the horror and carnage,
Exploring deeper with the young woman
With glass for teeth and scars in her mouth,
One must understand her true purpose–
What intentionally led her to a drugging and
vivid insanity.

It was a waterfall that reminded me of her of mortality
Eternally weeping and shrouded in misery,
Her face unearthed from the water,
Sadness slowly creeping, invading inside of her.
She fled the rivers and the currents,
But she could not flee destiny as
She ran across a man with
Delirious insanity within his interchanging eyes.

With this man, she blossomed in the shadows,
Tasted ripe flesh of the recently departed,
Danced naked in a field of flowers
drenched in warrior’s blood,
She knew no evil when she meet his eyes,
A story of a girl with love and hope
Matching her unkempt pace and staggered appearance.

But it was the chilling dread that snaked across her middle,
Grotesque tentacles that dragged her
Over the precipe–
The haunting whispers of soft flesh
And tangled limbs;
The press of soft lips and the cool breath of
Cozy Sunday mornings-

It was the first bite that made her snap,
The familiar tang of blood,
Flesh catching between her teeth
fractured from glass,
The chilling groans of the deceased,
And the rumbling in her stomach,
That pressured her to take another bite.

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