You Should Have Known

Raw emotions-
An open, gushing, oozing wound.
Peeling back reluctant skin,
The dam breaks as a warm,
Flood of gushing bright crimson-
Tinged with a metallic and salty taste,
Perfumes the air with spritz of despair.

All because of you,
A wise fool, too observant for my tastes,
Who ignores the warnings,
That flash “Do Not Enter”
In big, red, flashy lights.

Beneath the skin, I am more-
Deeper and morose feelings intertwined,
A survivor that watches with
Eyes drenched in a smog of sadness.

Skin to skin-I am a fairy that dances naked
Before the weeping willows,
Sings the lost songs of the wind,
And babbles with the babbling brooks-
But you never believed in the tales-
Of winged sprites and illusive selkies
Trapped and lost without their treasured skins.

I warned you of the damage
Done to my scarred psyche-
Aimlessly wandering, tripping over
Blue-tinged leaves and craving
Mulberry kisses to my flesh-
You showed me a light, hope
Before I could distinguish between
The interchanging personalities of love and hate.

It was an encounter, a battle
Between the experienced and the wounded,
A veteran charging to war,
Gunning down a trenched rookie.

You should have known-

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