I desire her like no other,

I desire her like no other,
she is like a lake– I wish to fully submerge
myself in her clean waters.
Flesh melting, dripping like droplets,
I lap at her earthy essence,
humidity clinging to my aching bones,
seer-touched eyes and pouty lips
drive me mad as I take from her–

I bit into her,
skin dotted with grooves,
teeth sanded down, molding, malleable–
a fleshy, pink maw,
stretches and wrinkles anew,
revealing a row of white nubs–

I mourn her misty departures,
swirling tides and choppy waves.
When we quarrel,
she embraces the surface,
soundless, magnificent, horrible
the water is her servant,
Molding around her form,
lovingly caressing, shaping, pressing
wet, clinging kisses,
Until I became blind with blue-flamed rage-

a bed of water lily’s
lead the way to her demise,
white petals, innocence-demanded
that they must always be of untouched snow–
a sprinkle of crystalline, clear rain,
coats my lips with salty tears.

A maiden of otherworldly origin,
fey-like and ethereal–
floating in blind abandon,
a graveyard of voiceless cries–
touched the heavens,
a tuft of ether grasped in her hands,
before they struck her down
with the strength of 12.

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