The Night Before


The night before,
A cloak of shadows and dreams
Bound us together,
I, bound by hubris
You bound by expectations.

We collided, became,
underneath a starless sky,
Soundless as we made love,
Protected from intrusive eyes
beneath leafy, green shades.
Sunburst kisses and unbreakable embraces–
You were an innocent before me,
Wise beyond your golden visage,
But suppressing your true self,
politely and intrusively,
You stubbornly held on–
but I have tasted your treasures,
pushed you dams until you burst–
you cannot hide from me,
When I have become dependent on
your heavenly essence;

But you started to fade, flicker
with each breath. I raged
as you took your last astral breath–
leaving me alone in the dark,
my chains and sins,
my only companion–

It was the touch of your lips,
That erased my entire world,
Completely and utterly boneless,
I melted into your embrace,
Weak and wanton,
I could only hold on
as my body is set aflame.

I knew no logic, no law,
But the touch of your body
Became my everything.

I knew not my name
as we came together,
protests became moans
as I gave into the unrelenting flames.
Unlocking my cherished secrets,
I gave into your charms and wit,
but when will I regain my faith,
as you shatter me into pieces
before an open, burning flame?

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