Feminine Outrage, a Song

originalBaby boy you weren’t the one,
you promised me love
but only brought me heartache.
ooh, ooh,
how could you be the one,
when you successfully broke me
into pieces?

pieces, baby, broke me into pieces

ooh, ooh
why could you never hold me tight,
even when you made me cry?
I begged, I cried,

ooh, baby, ooh why?
It was not until I grew up,
That I knew,

I knew, baby, I knew
you could never be the one.

ooh, ooh

baby, why oh why,

ooh, ooh

As girls
we are taught to
hold him down.
Forget our dreams,
his world becomes our
ooh, ohh
Forget Paris, Milan
ooh, ooh
London, Los Angeles–
he is our master,
our everything,
where he goes, we follow.
ooh, don’t we always follow?

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