Dandelion Love

scattered-dandelion-silhouetteWhy am I up at
This umpteenth hour?
3:29 am but my bed’s
Call is much louder,
But it’s this dream
I try to recollect,
That causes me to hesitate.

It started off normal,
Sunny skies, burnt sugar
And a dark wood
touched with magic–
When your face appeared,
Magnificent in its simplicity,
Yet hooking me in,
As I was dragged from
My deep-waved reservations.

You laughed when I hesitated
And I knew that you were the one
When you held my hand
And told me to believe in love.
A fantasy, a imaginative word
But I stayed true
As I closed my eyes
And blew dandelions
Until I came awake,
Covered in pollen.

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