The Taste of Lust

John_Everett_Millais_-_Ophelia_-_Google_Art_ProjectI have not tasted the clear,
sweet, idle summer day’s
nor have I fell asleep in fretless
my lover’s body entertained with mine,
our brown, clean lines–
bodies smooth and rittled with
untampered pores, melding together as

Despite the barrier of my pink, healthy gums,
and straight white teeth,
the murky, tasteless waters of
sips through the cracks
that refuse to mend–
sliding across the slippery surface
of my obstinate, twisting, curious

The water  rushes as it pushes
past the cracks of my
Slick, pewter gray rocks,
drenched with seeping, dark waters,
and splash loudly as it catches on some moss,
as sounds of my ecstasy are drowned by the currents.

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