Winter Review

Winter by Marissa Meyer


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Ehhhhh…. I get it, Winter is beautiful and crazy but I kind of wanted more depth then just “She is the most beautiful girl in the world, kind, and don’t forget batshit crazy”. I would have loved to know more about her relationship with her father and I felt like hers and Jacin’s sections were not as broad as the other characters.

Winter-finalI Liked Winter

She is peculiar, strange, and a balm of kindness compared to the Queen. She is not the average princess who is too pretty for her own good (she is apparently beyond that level), she is broken and aware that she is becoming crazy. I liked her stubbornness–she refuses to use her magic despite the harm it does to her body. But towards the middle of the novel, when everyone becomes reunited, Winter becomes more of a backseat character and is viewed as adorable mad.

This book is called Winter, not Cinder is awesome and oh hey Wolf’s mom….


Not Enough of Winter

Though I love how Winter can be considered “black”, why is she darker than everyone else? Is her skin what makes her more beautiful? Why is her beauty more important than anything else? I get why her people value beauty but I would have liked Winter to be more complexed and thoughtful. Yeah she is nice…blah, blah and people are charmed by her craziness but compared to Scarlet’s boldness and Cinder’s extremely, overused belief thatch  deserves to be the Queen even though she is not trained nor really ready to lead a country but her crazy mom was Queen so she obviously deserves it, and whatever Cress does with computers while she swoons from seeing Throne shirtless, she is pretty useless.

I feel like these questions are not answered or because I skipped anytime Kai (who is the most boring character every created btw (I get it, he is beautiful, charming, blah, blah, but so is every friggin Prince) was unfortunately mentioned. Anyway, I did sort of like the book but I am not wowed and I feel like I was left with more questions than essential answers (Or maybe I am still bitter over boring Kai idk).


Overall, three stars ecMopekcn

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