the steady dreams–

the steady dreams
that peacefully sing me asleep,
I find a luxury
many abandon and misuse  snuggled between your sheets.

your eyes were once alight
with such comorting joy–
a calming drizzle,
a gray afternoon
with promises of streaks of fiery gold.
you laid your heart,
torn and bloody from your chest,
eyes shining with nude naivety.

do you like your dreams
composed of idle fantasies
and temptation whispered
by chiseled lips? A hard, firm body
against the soft, suppleness of yours–
ecstasy and red-tinged heaven,
does the tang of ambrosia
send your body in rapture?

Can you remember the pleasures
of yesterday? The soft, tender lovings,
petal-soft kisses, and slumberous daydreams,
bore you ever since you bypassed sin.
eyes fading to black,
your body craved more intensity,
quivers of pleasure,
skin tender to the press of teeth
and dominance–
how could you have
turned away such delicacies
I steadfastly wonder…

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