This feeling…


This feeling is almost like yellow-white lightening.
An  unnamed taste that cannot easily part from my lips, I crave the zest
of this element yet, I cannot name the feeling it awakens within me.
I will search the highest of tides and the lowest beams of yellow-eyed predators until I am able to name the sublime; the taste that buds my tongue and puckers my lips.

A jungle in tune to my impatience, a tingle slithers it’s way across the expanse of my chest, a hot orifice that bleeds like the sun. I burn with my ambitions, I transform under the light, my skin shifting from jagged stripes to optical spots.

Saturate me; the bittersweet taste of your passion, leaves me spinning.
Touch me; exploring hands find purchase as your fingers tickle the right spot.
Drench me; undeniable pleasures wreck my body, posses my breath
rob my sense. Envelope me; your admission surrounds me in wonder. A future blurred by my bliss, I trace the austere beauty of your landscape. Chiseled lands; hard and hunky, a scuptulure with a handsome face.Tears of joy wrecks me like a tsunami that ravishes and rips and destroys.

Have I gone mad from the simple taste of lust?
A limpid wick teased by a dancing silhouette of a flame, I become heavy with this feeling, melting from the heated passion, but I do not regret my hasty decision, even when my last breath puffs out, as quickly as a dying mans last wish.

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