I rush to bed,
To dream of him.

As I close my eyes,
You await for me-
Arms wide and smile dreamy.

Our love is scripted, of course
But my mind directs our lovemaking
With a masters ease.

You tease me with kisses
But never truly deliver.

I push you for more
And more and more but you say,
“Next time, I swear!”

As we reach the climax,
Tears spill from my eyes,
Raindrops you taste with your lips.

The heavens clap
as we reach a point of no return.
Love in tangible form leaks from the sky in flurries.

As my high comes down,
the room dizzy with salt and heat,
sweat dripping down my neck
I arch my back and murmur,
“I love-”

Back in my bed,
I beat my fists and howl.
Love at my fingertips,
Passion passing through my fingertips
Like a spectral.
I close my eyes once more
as I reminisce.

Photo creds: Unknown

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