anxiety has my mind going a mile-a-minute. i am speeding down a highway going 200 on a 55 road. i am frost burnt as i stumble in the woods reading Robert Frost. my brain is aching as if i have been at the gym all has became a struggle to fall asleep now; the lights are off and the birds are snoozing yet i am staring at the ceiling and i am praying that i am okay. he is on my mind–i cannot escape the reality that he does not want me. my future once seemed so concrete yet the voices in my head mock me as i crawl my way back to bed. i once struggled to get out of bed in the morning but now i spring up as if i was burned by hellfire. i am currently running away from my problems and my body is disappearing in response. my stomach is getting flatter yet depression is knocking at my door. i ache even when i am idle, i cry even when the sun is out. the burn of my desires is unable to be quenched by my own hand but i am too self-conscious to pursue others. iamnothingmorethanabundleofnervesthatneedtobeuntangled.

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