like ashes

i must be on your mind, right?
it is not fair
that out of the two of us,
i am the only one suffering?
sleep evades me, i question
each and every bite, the mirror
and i are no longer friendly,
my moods shift, augment, dissolve
like the faces of the moon. it eats at me;
the not knowing. i am starving for answers
yet you keep your lips shut. i pry at your lips;
i dig my nails into your flesh and
shove and pull, rip and shred,
yet you have your secrets tight
and fitted like a T. i rage, i burn, i devastate
the things i cherish, i burn the bridges
of friendships, i crucify the bonds
of family, i destroy myself utterly
from the inside out, a poison that
licks up my flesh like candy, i
hope you stand above me
and sprinkle your pleas and regrets
like ashes.

4 thoughts on “like ashes

  1. There are just some people who you can give the world and everything you have to them and all they would do is either treat you like trash and go find someone else or just flat out lie to your face and go behind your back with someone else so there’s no point in trying to question that won’t be straight up or even say the truth

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