in the midst of the chaos that is my mind, revelation has come barging through and i am lost in the whirlwind of the truths that have been disguised as lies. i was once broken: a tragic thing with a shattered wing, i sang within my gilded cage “just like pretty birdies should.” my words were barren, blood dripped from my fingertips, and i ached in places that should have been touched with light. the moon used to be my only companion during the loneliness of nights. the stars audience to my weakness, i weeped for Selene to savor me in her light. i am the veteran that has never truly left the battlefield. i wake up slick with night terrors. i fear intimacy yet my body has been starving for years. a trophy garden once pruned and loved, i have let the weeds overtake me, there is no doubt. things need to change, i must take-things-into-perspective…

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