i apologize for the blip,
the minor misuse of time
and patience. i allowed you
take rent in my heart,
blinded by infatuation,
i am happy to say
that I am now over you.
i do not blame you;
how can i when i never
told you how i felt? you went
on your days unaware
that you were burdened with my heart.
i used to watch with such envy,
teeth grinding
hate a lovely shade pinking my cheeks,
i use to want to hate you
and kiss you, hug, you, love you,
in a span of a minute, in a span
of you leaning over
and giving her a kiss.
i was blind
but now i have
finally reached Nirvana.
Holy, holy, a holy
place that resides in my heart,
i glow, i glow because
i shed your dead weight and now i am glowing.

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