A Flash of Fiction

A flash of fiction:

I envisioned this random scene in my head and decided to write it. Enjoy!

“i need you to become what you fear the most.”

“And what is that?”


i was to dress the part. to dress evil was to dress not
only in dark, somber colors
with fabrics that slithered up my skin
like twirling tentacles, i was to take ownership
of those colors, those textures, those fabrics
until i consummed the colors, the lights,
the very air from the room.

i trailed down the stairs
like i owned them. i was a mist of smoke
and mystery, i was a deadly smog
of poison that would eat at your skin,
rip you apart, consume you until
you wee nothing but plasma and bone.

a hush settled in the air long
before i lifted my head and
revealed the beauty of my face.
i would never have described myself as striking.
no, that term was never used for an innocent like me.
my cheeks leaned more towards soft and rounded
than serious and angular, my lips
were thick and plump but they puckered
not for sardonic smirks
but spread wide and quick like
an oil spill.
but with the stark makeup
slashing my face like war paint,
i looked more like a predator, a raven,
a tigress on the prowl.
i even sauntered down the steps
as if my every step was measured and
predisposed to entrance. a preformerer
who held the attention on her audience,
i completed my act by slowly lifting my
and catching the stares of those around me.

As each and every face paled, I smirked in pleasure
as each and every partygoer in attendance
fluidly slipped down on their knee to bow to me.

he laughed. i could have heard it
even if we stood at other ends of the earth.
the earth could have splintered, our bodies
hurled into the never ending sky
and i would still hear the rumbling
laughter of the male before me.

decadence. heart-stopper,
villain, conquer, every thought
disappeared when i caught his eyes.
crushed ice, i could smell
the the mist of frost, my tongue
uncaringly testing the frost of his essence
wth a winsome smile.

he probably tastes like heat,
were my first thoughts as i caught his eyes.
skin healthy and glowing under the light,
he seemed unreal. a rebel statue
that had been blessed with a mortal body,
a weak part of me wanted to dismantle my pride
and offer myself to him, damn the consequences.

i ached in places, ached so…knowingly
my whole body shivered as his eyes
trailed down my body. lazy, how lazy
he licked up my body with his gaze. a tigress
in heat who has finally found a male worthy
enough, even in the throes in the fan of desire,
i was able to shrug off the emotions
overpowering me to continue my strut to his throne.

the people behind me were easily forgetten. there could have
been a monkey riding a unicorn and i would have still refused
to look back. no, not refuse, how could i turn my head
when the most lickable man is before me.

i bet he tastes like thunderstorms. it would sting at first,
static shock but i bet the taste would
numb me before the second strike.

“My Queen,”his voice rumbles.

i nod my head in acknowledgement as i reach the stairs. my eyes still
captured by his, i deliberately lean down and gather the fabric
of my slinky dress to expose a slice of my leg.
i burn as i take my next few steps more easily, i wither
into a lump of puddy as he bites his lip.
i try to gracefully collapse into his lap but my legs gave out
before i could even command my legs to do so.

nothing to fear, he caught me smoothly. and when he dipped
his lips and captured mine with his teeth,
i forced myself not to combust in front of the crowd of people
before the true activities began…..

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