denied the right to love fully,
denied to right to love wholeheartedly,
we push away the emotions, the pains
that make us sane. we are the waves
that ripples together, we are the ocean
that gathers than releases, the great puff
of breath that mists through the teeth,
that crests with the edge, dangerously swimming
to the preciepe of the depthless unknown.
to know, to be conscious, to be aware
of the limits so few of us
simply get to to taste, is a cruelty,
the sweetest cruelty we face each and every day.
when we wake, we know we are dying.
when sleep, we know we might not wake up.
is the pain worth it? does the humanity
that bares us down, does it compel us to
reach for the stars to only purposely deny us
the most, essential basic rights?

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