Mother’s Day

i wish you loved
the way i love you.
i wish you saw yourself
the way i do, like others do:
strong, brave, inspirational.

your name
carries the same
as the unshakable attributes
of the greats.
when cities fall
and oceans crumble,
it will be your strength,
your compassion,
your love that others will turn to.

i see you for your mistakes,
i see that some days
you are allowed to make mistakes,
i see the warrior in you,
i see the God in you,
and it is amazing, isn’t it?

i may not know how to tell
you these things on the daily;
the days are short
and the nights are scary
but in those rare
times you doubt my love,
take this out and read it
before the stars
and count how much
i love you.

0 to Zion,
love you mommy
and Happy Mother’s Day!

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