“you are worth the wait”

he was patient with her;
he lulled her with his honest eyes,
and he seduced
her not with his body or lips,
but with his heart. he shed his insecurities
before her in a tease; layers
and layers unwind with each declaration.
and the show of vulnerability,
the great reveal of honesty,
won her almost immediately.
yes, he was sexy, what with the
way his eyes flared when she smiled
wholeheartedly. yes, a thrill sprung
from within her like a spluttering well
when his eyes, hot and focused
traced up her legs. yes, yes, yes,
passion kept her up at night,
her fingers solving the mysteries
between her thighs. yes, yes, yes
many a daydream caused a rift between
the tangibility of reality and intertwined
it with the dangerous melody “maybe’s”, but
nothing could have prepared her
for the way he took her aside
and calmly promised her, “you are worth the wait.”

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