It’s a give and take world
Where what-ifs and maybe’s
Plunder without afterthought.
We push and pull from those
Who smile and decay: our seeds
Quiver before shooting out
Like falling stars. The grass
Is stained in a dollop of honeysuckle
And dew, is it remiss to lean
Down and take a sip? If you were to bend
Me on the knee, trace commands on
My hips, and feed me sweet things
That taste bitter on your lips, will
My petals remain fresh and plump? Will
Your fingers be idle or veteran as we
Share secrets between moans and hisses?
You claim that lust is foreign and love
Is otherworldly; alien dances, we clap and spin when the stars way up above
Twirl and twang. The sky seems to vibrate when you pull away from me; sated and
Lazy like a lion, you tease me with eyes
Burning like amber, you spring on me
Like a leopard between the tall grass. I love the burn as much as I have learned to crave
Your distance. The push and pull; the frustration is what I crave. The not knowing if you are truly running away; will you leave me barren and searching, or saturate me in honey and lick me up like candy?

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