wild things

i am coasting on a beach
with pink palm trees and with
water that bleeds on the sand
like angel dust. we crash
when we come together
like a wild thing. we crest
when you tell me I’m beautiful,
you push me away with words
like perfect. we tumble
when my thighs quiver around your neck.
you say i taste like honey and mint.
we slap like wild waves when
passion turns into
words like i love you
and when the stars fall
like rain drops, i will catch you on my tongue.
we drift
naked, reckless, weightless.
we fuck, your eyes burn up
when i combust. we fell in love
when you rocked me back and
forth and placed warm kisses
up and down my neck.
we drown in each
other’s breath: i swallow
your laughs, you eat up my screams.
we came together, like a pair of wild things.

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