too shy


too shy, you once whispered to me.
too shy, you once kissed into my neck.
too shy, you once bit into my lips.
i was too shy for you; i opened my petals
to you like a night bloomer. when the clock struck
eight, i was yours to play with, yours to sate,
yours to open up like a clam and slurp
without haste. tangled in my eyes, tangled
in my hair, bed sheets were slick and
slippery when you came to me; burning from
the heat, desperate for the speed,
you teased me, tickling me with
fingers made for sky diving;
you plunged into me, rapture, ecstasy
teased my tongue because i bit my lip.
stardust dripped from your eyes,
i fell on my knees and rushed to take a healthy sip.
too shy, you whispered, before your left
and blamed it on the heat.

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