daffodils and daydreams

<daffidols and daydreams>

I want to give you my love, and everything in between.
 If only you weren’t a daydream, 
I would tell you these things:

I love that I can love you so easily,
so necessarily, so simply,
even when it’s from afar;
on the other side of the bar,
from the crest in her shoulder,
and even the quirk in your step.
You make me want to open my heart to you
–will you pay rent? Will you sit at my ear and
listen to me, even when I share my fears?
Daffodils and daydreams,
I hope I mean more to you than that.
you were my sunrise,
my dusky pink sun peaking through the clouds,
I want to be able to tell you these things
but I don’t know how. How do I kiss you when
you turn your cheek, you make me oh so mad but
how can I remain when my heart continues to stay in play?


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