like a flower

<like a flower>

I love flowers; because they remind
Me of you; every time I walk
By I trip, stutter, bend down,
And grip you.
I lean down to lick at the stem,
I press you to my cheek
Because you understand; you
Understand that I need peace,
You worry over the stagnant
Patterns of my sleep; you watch out
For me when the moon is bashful
And the nights are loud. you kiss
Me when the wind dances, you
Fuck me like you would rather
confess that your falling in love.
We are more
Than a garden; we cultivate outside
Of the norm; we are farmers
That fall in and out of love
Because seasons are trifling
But our love remains beneath the soil.
Unearth me because I have more to say,
Ground me because my love
For you is here to stay,
Let me go, because like
A flower, I need room to grow


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