teach me

<teach me>

Teach me how to love you, show me the ways into your heart. Guide me, because I’m lost, lost in the beauty of your eyes. I want to read all the poetry I wrote for you. I want to watch your eyes, your lips, as you realize how long I’ve been so infatuated. i want you early in the mornings like I take my tea; soaked and drizzled in honey. water my succulents naked before my window, dance with me to some throwbacks, hot and sweaty with the fans on; grab my hips and bury your head into my hair, say something corny as I turn on the shower, lather me up in that peppermint soap you like, hold me like I’m precious as we wait for the hot water to turn on, kiss me before I go to work, tug that curl that you always tease, say you love me because you know that’s all I need. Just be mine, before you leave me.


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