like tea

you taste like tea to me;
your scent splashes
across my face,
you’re too hot, but i can’t
wait to savor you. you roll
my tongue, i linger on the bottom lip. you fill me up,
warm and
smooth down my throat,
eyes dazed, smile lazy,
ill finish you until your cold
and spent. you are my drug
of choice, the only choice
first thing in the morning.
one cup isn’t enough,
I’ll take seconds, no thirds.
on the countertop, on the ledge, i grip you harder,
i sip you faster.
you made a mess on my shirt,
but i dip my fingers and twist
and bite. i wear you during the day,
i dream about you at night. you’re
my lullaby. you keep me up
past twilight…✨

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