Rhageon Creation Story: Origins

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The Ancient Gods were once destroyers, going from planet to planet wrecking havoc. But their children were not born in the vaccum of space; they were born before the dazzling beauty of stars and constellations. They were daydreamers who did not want to destroy…but to create.

Rhageon Creation Story: Origins

In the beginning, the Earth was dark and lifeless.

Empty and drifting in the great vacuum of space, the small planet had gone unnoticed by the ancient gods who ruled the galaxies. Sifting through the weightless, chokingly silent space, the alien gods jumped from planet to planet, creating mayhem and devastation wherever they went. Beautiful as sifting stardust and as horrible as the gaping maw of a black hole, the ancient gods appeared as both salvation and harbinger before they unleashed their unparalleled powers.

There was no premeditated course of action; they truly did as they pleased. The ancient gods took, gorged, fucked, fought, and killed without contemplation.

The ancient gods were named: Kofi, Ai-Rue, Abyss, Time, Rift, and Amity. No one truly knew where they came from, and neither did they. Kofi, the arrogant mule of a male, claims he was made in this form to be a constant reminder of other’s shortcomings. 

There is no doubt that Ai-Rue was a hybrid of some sort. Part beast-like savage, the other a ferociously gorgeous female who was always found drenched in fresh blood; the very air around the female quivered from the magnitude of her magic. 

The twins, Rift, and Abyss were the most horrible beings known to any species, animal, or thing. Born from nightmares, birthed from the coldest, emptiest parts of the galaxies, the twin gods were spewed from the bellies of Hell, and their terrible red eyes spoke of eternal suffering.

         Time was birthed when Life flourished. Time began to exist as suddenly as she was born: instant. One moment, she was not there, and after a slow blink of the eye, she exited from a rip in a spectrum of past, present, and future.

         Amity was the most sinister of them all. Synonymous with barbed words like hope and trust, Amity was the double agent in every mission, relishing every moment she earned the trust of the people before they conquered them.

         In the midst of traveling from planet to planet, unleashing their unspeakable powers and causing chaos and feverish pandemonium in their wake, the ancient gods were unaware of their oversight when they decided to pass on their lineage.

         Abyss and Time came together in a horrible mating. The destruction caused by Life and Death… was a major setback for all of the universe. The very cosmos shuttered. Asteroids eroded and dissolved, appearing almost like sputtering tears as their union birthed the next generation of monsters.

But Abyss and Time’s children were different. They were as beautiful as their relations, but the ancients did not pass down the need to destroy and ruin.

Drifting in the hushed vacuum of space, the goddess Lyceria, the Moon, peered down at a lone black planet and imagined it thriving with Life. “Earth,” she said to herself, “I would call it Earth.”

Looking to her brother and sister, the Sun and the Constellations, the triplets born from Abyss and Time, they plummeted down towards the lifeless planet.

As soon as their heavenly feet touched the ground, Zakar’s powerful light brought the day. When he eventually tired from shining his bright light, Lyceria and Bemarisse shone their silvery lights winked in the night sky when he retired.

Delighted with their results but not yet entirely satisfied, Lyceria beheld the barren landscape and voiced her restlessness to her siblings.

“What do you mean, sister-mine?” Zakar’s great voice rumbled. Dripping in embers, the male god was swathed in the purest beams of sunlight.

Bemarisse’s delicate face twisted in a sneer. “Yes, sister, what more do you want? We have light! We brought this ugly planet peace before the Great Ones come to destroy it,” she snarled. A cape of twinkling stars surrounded the lithe and powerful form of the goddess.

“Why must we destroy when we can create?” Lyceria, the wisest of the three, stared across the bleak horizon of the planet. Curved like a crescent moon, Lyceria’s divine, silver face suddenly glowed in pleasure. 

Beaming a full smile, Lyceria leaned down and touched the murky ground. And at her touch, the ground shook.

Pulling back her hand in shock, Lyceria cheered with delight as the ground soon became covered in layers of vibrant green grass and rich, brown earth. Zakar flapped his wings in fright as his sunrays caused the green plants to bloom. Bemarisse hissed as cragged, magnificent mountains grew so high they appeared almost to pierce the sky. Volcanoes rumbled to life, raging until the very ground shook and eager magma sputtered from the open crevices. Lyceria smiled in happiness, the moon reflecting the fullness of her joy.

The Great Ones were not pleased to discover the younger gods on the planet that was no longer dead.

Kofi, whose ebony skin appeared smooth and enigmatic as the word called night, crystalline eyes grew vivid and violent in his anger until the air tasted of ozone. His sister-wife, Ai-Rue, whose ears were pointed, bared her sharp teeth. Twins, Abyss, and Rift’s true forms were formidable yet intangible. Swirling vortexes of galaxies, both Abyss and Rift’s powers were like vacuums that threatened the blooming planet’s state.

Time stood distantly from the others, her knowing eyes terrible in their indifference. Amity sighed in wonder at the budding splendor of the little planet.

         “Children!” Abyss’s voice boomed. “What have you done?”

         The craftiest of the three, Lyceria, stepped in front of her siblings, bravely replying to her father, “We created, father. We created instead of destroyed.”

         “Such blasphemy! We do not create–not with these powers,” Kofi scoffed.

         “Banish them, brother!” Rift screeched. His red, terrible eyes glared from his humanoid form.

         “Father, listen!” Lyceria screamed. “Watch what we can do!”

         And then Zakar shot towards the sky.

         His wings, the exact shade of sunlight, sped across the horizon. From his exuberance, buds, plain buds with green stems, suddenly unfurled and revealed such beautiful, dewy petals. Shades of pink, red, purple, and colors there were yet no names for!

         Lyceria touched the ground once more, and from her touch, a body of water sprung. The Great Ones jumped in surprise as the ground was soon submerged in cool water. Sprinting to Bemarisse, the sisters took each other’s hands and began to twirl in a circle. The Great Ones watched in awe as the body of water, which will soon be called the ocean, rippled in waves. High-tide and low-tide, the massive body of water, amazed the Great Ones.

         Amity squealed in manic delight and jumped into the ocean. The ancient one called out, “Rift! It is like flying!”

         Zakar continued to soar overhead the Great Ones, but Bemarisse and Lyceria halted their mad spinning.

         Floating over to the ancient gods, Lyceria said levelly, “We can settle here. Create. No longer destroy. We can call this home–a home where we will be gods,” her silver eyes were solemn.

         Abyss replied, “What can we do, daughter? All we know is how to destroy.”

         Breaking her silence, Time answered her brother-husband, “You, my love, will be the darkness that swallows the evils of the world–the underworld will be your domain. Your words will be law, and your wrath will be disastrous in times of peril and fear. Rift, you will aid your brother in this mission–as the jailer and guard of the underworld. The fiery spirit of brother Kofi will remain in the heavens, and his powers will be of the weather depending on his mercurial moods. Ai-Rue, do not growl, dear sister; your powers will be the fruits of the terra planet. You will grow thick vegetation and plants and beasts in the sky, sea, and those who roam the earth. Amity, dear sister of the most delusional of minds, your powers will have many names that will come with time.

         My dearest Lyceria, you will use your ambitions to create imperfect creations that will shatter your planet yet also mend it. My brave son, Zakar, you will be the king of the heavens, your wings that give you the ability to protect and govern your domain. And finally, most impetuous Bemarisse, your time will come–I promise you. Wait in patience for your true powers to manifest.

         Now go my loves, my dear ones, my children, and heal this broken planet.”

         Inspired by Time’s words, the Great Ones and the younger gods married their powers to better the small planet.

         When Kofi seethed, the sky flooded dark with angry clouds. Ai-Rue fashioned beasts with fangs similar to hers, fins to swim in the body of water called the “ocean,” and creatures with wings like her nephew, Zakar.

         Abyss and Rift melted into the ground, their grins wide at the bleak richness found beneath. Amity continued to play in the water, scrupulously enjoying the planet’s abundant gifts as the gods labored.

         Unlike the other gods, Lyceria did not spring ahead to use her newfound powers.

         Sitting on the edge of the crescent moon and thinking over her mother’s words, Lyceria thought of creating a race of people that looked similar to them yet, not as powerful nor as beautiful.

         Taking the leftover stardust from Amity’s form, Lyceria shaped and crafted her imagination until she created the First Race. Beautiful in form, tall, attractive, dumb, Lyceria cheered in glee as she marveled at her first creation.

         “Kota,” Lyceria told her creation, “I will call you Kota.” Kota looked like Lyceria yet lacked her sheer, otherworldly brilliance. Kota stared at Lyceria confusingly and asked, “What am I?”

         Kota had Ai-Rue’s pointed ears and fangs but Lyceria’s luminous, ethereal skin.

         Lyceria smiled tenderly down at the being that was both female and male. “I am your creator, Lyceria, and you are my creation, my child, my Kota. I will name you and the people that will follow after you, the First Race–the fair ones, the people made of stardust, the Feyeria, the Fey.”

         And the First Race did prosper and grow.

         As the small planet grew more beautiful, more Great Ones and gods came to the planet, adding their powers and wisdom to better their home.

         Delighted with her success, Lyceria decided to make another race, a lesser race but made an err that she could never have predicted.

         The Second Race was beautifully imperfect; the mortals were a race of people with such outstanding flaws that drove them to exterminate one another. Wars and genocides, mortals took arms against one another, much to Lyceria’s dismay. Other gods and goddesses grew in power as mortal slew mortal.

         Bemarisse, who grew jaded and restless as her position as the Constellations, decided to take advantage of the Second Race’s folly. Bemarisse joined Abyss and Rift in the underworld and became the goddess of Death. And like her sister, Bemarisse created a race, but they were purely evil, unlike the others.

         Demons, the goddess called them. Bemarisse sent them to feed on the mortals’ suffering, and with her actions, the Great Ones, Abyss, and Rift grumbled as they yearned to destroy once more.

         Fighting back against the Great Ones’ impatience, the younger gods grew successful in their endeavors until a mortal man from Aestha learned how to destroy the First Race.

         A thousand years later, the people of Aestha have remained prosperous yet unfeeling regarding foreign affairs. The Mycean royal bloodline has been corrupted by greed, Frysessa has closed off its borders, the Fey have been exiled to Death Island, and the Rhageons have a demi-god as King.

The First Race— The Feyeria, possess longevity and magic

Second Race— the mortals, imperfectly perfect

A mortal man discovered a way to destroy the first race and caused a war that sent the remaining Fey to exile…

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