A KINGDOM ECLIPSED BY MOONLIGHT +I’ve been working on this novel for 5+ years–I will be posting chapters here–this is my original work, please do not copy or share it+ A Kingdom Eclipsed by MoonlightByMecca-Amirah Jackson Princess of Mycea, Anayissa struggles to brave her physically and emotionally abusive past in the most beautiful country in the Four [...]

Chapter four: The Arrogance of Kings

  Chapter Four - The Arrogance of Kings Torin Fey-Touched Passage was suitably named. Remnants of the First Race, the Fey, echoed from the surrounding structures. Decaying buildings hummed with life. Faint laughter could be heard from the crumbling houses, and the woods themselves are still too untamed and too ethereal to be solely made [...]

Prologue: A message

I DO NOT HAVE AN EDITOR--There will be errors Prologue: A Message Perched atop a lone branch, a raven with feathers tipped in silver suddenly launched its body into the sky. A black blip against the backdrop of the peach-tinted horizon, the winged messenger, banked left, the forceful breeze bending to its force.  Keen eyes [...]