Lost and Found review


In her lovely poetry collection Lost and Found, Ahmed comes full circle with her relationship with God–questioning his role in our lives, damning him, to understanding and accepting him and the lessons and hardships that go along with his guidance.

A natural storyteller, Ahmed’s voice draws you in as you as she welcomes you into her psyche. The writing is…raw, so poignant that it stings with its honesty and yet so beautifully wicked that you cannot help but appreciate her bravery. Ahmed’s strength rings from every line and I cannot help but admire her courage ❤

Her writing brought up a lot of feelings from my past–dealing with depression and the harrowing uncertainty that comes along with anxiety and struggling with mental health. But as I read her words, there was also an awareness that amidst the feelings of hopelessness and bleakness, there is beauty and clarity within the madness that is truly inspiring.

The collection balances poems that are dark and wickedly lush and ones so intimate and visceral you can feel your heartbreak and soar along with her.

An amazing depute from a new author and I cannot wait to see what she comes out with next!

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