Underappreciated Albums: R & B Addition

There has been talk that there has been a rebirth of R&B and while I am EXCITED that there are so many new artists, it is unfortunate that in the rise of emerging new artists, that there are such amazing projects that I PERSONALLY believe go unnoticed.

(emphasis that this is my opinion, not an actual fact)


The-Dream Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3

Why isn’t this album not being constantly talked about? Streaming from every radio station (a super clean version of course)? And just in general, talked about?

From start to finish, Ménage à Trois is superb. 40 songs, essentially three separate albums combined into one epic project, every track is crafted with a patience that I have not heard in a while on a long project. Where others artists fall into a trap of redundancy with long projects or even make the mistake of making beats/lyrics that sound similar to their early works, The-Dream not only does not fall in the trap but forever changed how I will view multi-works.

The-Dream  masterfully crafts a song for every mood–whether it is a lowkey, chill vibe you can relax to, sweet, tender love songs you want to declare your love for someone, lush, wicked tracks when your setting the mood, or even more uptempo, faster-paced songs that make you want to dance, The-Dream does not waste any efforts appealing to a wide range of audience. Which, I reiterate, is this album not being talked about? THERE ARE NO FEATURES. When’s the last time you saw that?

Was there a lack of marketing or because the album is veryyyy sexual?

Either way, I  urge you to listen–you will not regret it.


  • “Runaway Sex”
  • “Rise”
  • “Night Thang”
  • “You”


Trey Songz 11 & 28


My frustration level is at the roof because I personally feel like this is Songz’s most well-rounded project in years. And honestly, just Trey Songz, in general, I feel like does not get recognized for his depth in the music industry and influence.

Songz has dabbled in hip-hop/rap in the past but in this project, he has established himself as an artist who can effortlessly include both elements into his music without it sounding forced. And to be honest, with all the mumble rappers and lil ___’s nowadays, he could just about outrap any of them.

Both tapes are separated by genre and flow– 11 is slow, smooth, and sensual while 28 is the opposite–fast-paced, fun, confident with heavy elements of hip-hop and features like Dave East and 2 Chainz.

Trey Songz aka Trigggaaaa delivers with 11 and 28 and gives his fans music for every occasion and mood.

If these were only mixtapes, I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table with any future projects.


  • “Lay Yo Head”
  • “Shootin Shots (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Tory Lanez)
  • “Spark (feat. Jacquees)”


Honorable Mentions:

Chee Ecru–Buries

  • “2am”–I like his style––switching to singing to freestyling, his music is a perfect playlist for vibin. There are a lot of artists mixing R&B and hip-hop elements but Chee Ecru makes it his own and has a distinctive sound.

Lais–Give–Me One More

  • “Diamonds Tell No Lies”–I love Candian artists–they just bring such a different energy than I’m used; like how can you sound both badass and sad at the same time? Haha. No, but seriously, Lais is moody and his beats are seductive.

ThiDanielLilac, Pt. 1

  • “Mamacita”–Sexy, funky, there are so many elements to this 6-track EP that I cannot help but appreciate his talent. It’s refreshing to hear artists who experiment with various sounds and genres and it WORKS.


  • “Advice”–Fun, boastful, TYuS, is extremely confident on this track and I genuinely like his energy. His music balances between vibin and soulful and I like how he switches up.

Snoh AalegraFeels

  • “You Got me”–Everything on this album…just wow, her voice is so just lovely and I like how her style is so…Hollywood-era. Her voice stands out compared to other artists and I love that. It makes her music special

Mac AyresDrive Slow

  • “Easy”–I could listen to this song every day, on repeat. I find something new that I love about it with every listen. H ekinda reminds me on Jon B….

Pink Sweat$Volume 1 

  • “Honesty”–this song struck me with its vulnerability and his voice, wow, so beautiful and that RANGE. Thankfully, he is on the come-up and I cannot wait to watch him grow as an artist.


What do you think?




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