this poem amazes me every time…

Mecca-Amirah Jackson

It was remiss, how the taste
Of you on my lips, drew me in,
Drowned me in unending bliss.
It should be unfair, how sweet
You came to me; soft kisses
That disappeared on my skin like mist,
You licked my wounds like tears,
Flowers petals appeared, where
Pain whet like stabbing fears. you pushed,
I trembled, you got me hooked;
Roll up and light up the kush,
Heal me, stay away from the unending fight.
Overlook me as I cauterize my wounds
With fire and ice, Overlook me as your eyes
Miss where wounds dried, hardened
Before they scabbed, fell, and repented.
Shame on you; crush me like snow,
For me, you flew, for me, you drowned
In a garden, where weeds no longer grow.

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