you once said i tasted like champagne, like happiness bubbling to your lips/ like rain gathered at the corner of my smile/ you drank until you were full, you drank until you were sick/ i was too rich of taste, too full of body, to finish in one day/ you should have took your time, followed your heart, listened to common sense/ but you were mesmerized by that love song, that played like a fool, you were drawn closer, like will-o-wisps, oh, baby, you were a goddamn fool…

Mecca-Amirah Jackson

you once said i tasted like
happiness, a bubbling champagne
that drove you crazy with lust. you
could not have enough. you sucked
on my tongue, you ate at my lips,
my mouth was yours too explore;
a conquistador, i was ensnared by your passion.
hungry to be full, hungry to consume me,
you used to pull my head back
and drink, drink until i was empty,
no longer of use, i was discarded
like a glass bottle, shattering
tragically. champagne dripped from
mouth, champagne once tasted
like you and me, lust expires
on my tongue, a never-lasting
brand that monopolizes my time.

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